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Welcome to ASA Charter School. We are now enrolling for 2017-2018. We are proud to announce, we received A-G approval for all freshman courses, the online independent study courses - We also received five year Charter Renewal and a full six year WASC accreditation - Thank you to all of you who made it possible, teachers, staff, parents and students. - Visit us on our Facebook page -
Vision / Mission
The Mission of ASA Charter School is:
  to provide ALL students an opportunity to succeed academically and personally.
  to create life-long learners who participate fully and responsibly in their education.
  to educate students to become productive and responsible adults who are ready to compete in a competitive, global and technological society



ASA Charter School, with the help of families and community partnerships, strives to   challenge and enrich our studentsí lives by providing them with a quality education in a safe and nurturing learning environment. At the heart of our program is Character, Leadership, Attitude, Scholarship and Service.  All students will be instructed in academic knowledge using a standards based curriculum, technology, and our school wide learner outcomes. Through this education our students will become college-ready, career-prepared, and community-minded individuals who graduate to become  productive members and respected leaders in the global community.

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