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Welcome to ASA Charter School. We are now enrolling for 2017-2018. We are proud to announce, we received A-G approval for all freshman courses, the online independent study courses - We also received five year Charter Renewal and a full six year WASC accreditation - Thank you to all of you who made it possible, teachers, staff, parents and students. - Visit us on our Facebook page -

ASA Learning Center, charter applicant, has been in business as a non-profit agency for 11 years.  Executive Director Patricia Campbell has been working in the non-profit sector for more than 16 years, and has several years experience with Charter Schools and was Administrative Director for the charter school that shared our site.

The charter founding group was initiated by Patricia in early 2000 after attending a conference on public school attendance alternatives.  Because Patricia and the staff of ASA Learning Center had been serving students who did not excel in a traditional setting for the previous 7 years, they felt that a Charter School would help them reach a greater number of the population that ASA Learning Center was already educating.


With the realization that it requires great effort and experience to start a charter school, ASA Learning Center contracted with another charter to provide a public Charter High School on ASA’s site, while the Charter was being developed.  Four years later, ASA Charter School was born with a small 48 students and the school rapidly had grown to 450+, high school and elementary students. 
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